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10 Best Tools to Spy for Winning Products for Dropshipping Store

Looking for the best e-commerce and dropshipping ad spy tools to learn more about your competitors’ stores?

This blog post highlights the top 10 tools we use for our e-commerce stores. They’re quite useful for brainstorming and getting new product ideas when faced with thousands of products to dropship.

What are the benefits of using a product research tool?

Whether you realize it or not, the most successful dropshipping businesses know how to use product research tools to help them make informed decisions, particularly when it comes to product sourcing and growing.

A product research tool will help you uncover trending products and target the right interest and demographics so that you don’t waste money testing unproven products.

10 Tools to Spy for Winning Products for Dropshipping Store:

1. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper, like Sell the Trend, discovers the best products to dropship on all of the big sites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. However, the tool has a few tricks up its sleeve to set it apart from the competition.

It has a section with hand-picked products that will be updated daily so you don’t waste money on substandard products. The tool scraps products based on keywords, sites, growth rate, competition, price, recent orders, and more…

You may also research other Shopify dropshipping stores, view their Facebook ads, and gain access to comprehensive dropshipping data. Niche Scraper is a terrific choice if you prefer a basic and easy-to-use dashboard and just getting started on dropshipping.

To summarize, Niche Scraper is an excellent tool to use and expand your dropshipping business if you have a limited budget, little expertise, and aren’t a video expert.

Pricing Plans:

  • Sign up for a free account to have restricted access to product research.
  • PRO – $39 / month – Discover AliExpress’s hottest items, get unlimited access to the Facebook video maker, see other stores’ predicted revenue, and get unlimited access to handpicked products.
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2. Ecomhunt

Next, we have Ecomhunt, a well-known dropshipping product spy tool that adds new winning products every day. You may see information on each product, such as the suggested selling price, targeting (for pro members), video ad, analytics, targeting, and more.

If you are new or experienced at dropshipping, a tool with this much data will give you a head start on dropshipping. You can figure out who to target with Facebook ads and which products to promote. This is very useful for anyone new to running Facebook ads.

Main features include:

  • Product description and images
  • Profit margin and cost
  • Targeting tools and ideas
  • Analytics
  • Engagement details from social media
  • Links to ecommerce store
  • Facebook ads data
  • Product videos
  • Reviews from buyers

The product’s user interface is straightforward. You’ll see a button that allows you to connect the product to Oberlo and sell it right away. The estimated profit margin and the list of stores that are selling the item are listed below. A list of Instagram influencers who are ideal to advertise the product is also available.

Ecomhunt also recommends certain Shopify apps for improving your store’s conversion rates and maximizing your sales.

Pricing Plans:

  • FREE – 2 products each day, extremely limited data, 5 stored products, 3 day wait for new products
  • PRO – $29/month – Unlimited goods each day, full data access, unlimited saves, private community membership, no delay
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3. Sell the Trend

Then there’s Sell the Trend, an AI-powered application that may assist you in finding popular products for your dropshipping business. The tool has a lot of features that might help you find the winning products trending on Facebook.

AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify dropshipping stores and Facebook are among the sites that the program can scan to display the most popular products online in real time. The program contains a dashboard called the Nexus that displays all of the data in a simple data table.

With only one click, you can also produce videos for Facebook advertisements, assess influencer engagement, construct a Facebook audience, and import the product to your store. You can sell approximately 4 million things instantaneously if you have access to data.

The organization also offers an online course and other tools to help you learn everything there is to know about dropshipping. Sell the Trend is one of the greatest dropshipping product research tools on the list since it is ideal for beginning dropshippers.

Pricing Plans:

  • You start with a 7-day risk-free trial followed by $39.97 monthly plan 
  • You will receive two months for free if you pay annually
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4. SaleSource

The second best dropshipping product research tool is SaleSource, which is one of the most comprehensive solutions currently available. Take a look at their homepage to see how many tools they have to offer.

You may uncover top-rated suppliers, profitable items, and competitive data in one dashboard using their technologies. The platform concentrates on the United States, so you may dropship any product from China to the country in just 7 days.

You may also see the best suppliers for each top product, as well as daily trending items before they become saturated. The tool integrates seamlessly with Shopify, giving you access to two of the most powerful dropshipping platforms.

Pricing Plans:

  • ESSENTIAL – $ 49/month ($349/year for a 60% savings) – 1 User, Access to 100,000,000+ Winning Products, Daily New Trending Products, Competitor Intelligence, and Deep Shopify Store Analyzer
  • PRO – $ 99/month ($699/year for a 60% savings) – 1 user, all essential features, factory pricing, custom conversion training, and tailored advertising training and support
  • ELITE – $ 299 per month ($2499 per year, 60% off) – Up to 5 users, all Pro features
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5. Thieve is a product spy program that focuses on what’s hot on AliExpress. A group of creatives from all across the world handpick the preferred things. They could be photographers, designers, bloggers, and others, so you’ll receive a wide range of perspectives.

There are various things available on Thieve, all of them are unique enough to make you stand out on the market. The homepage lists all of the products worth looking at, either in categories or in a particular collection curated by a designer.

Furthermore, the site has a supply version for dropshippers looking for very profitable products, as well as extra filters and statistics. While products on the homepage simply display prices, order numbers, and who likes them, the dropshipping version will have additional features such as popularity, conversion stats, logo removal image tool, reverse image searches, unique premium content, and pro release products.

Overall, Thieve is a highly current tool with an amazing dashboard that provides not only a new but also a practical tool for finding the finest winning AliExpress products.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free product and collection browsing
  • DROPSHIP – $29/month – Curated AliExpress products, 5-10 new products daily, exclusive curated products, stats and insights
  • PRO – $99/month – Includes all basic features as well as access to pre-release products and premium product content.
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6. Pexda

Pexda provides 6 new trending products for dropshippers to test every day. All the products include targeting suggestions for country, gender, age range and interests. You can use that as a starting point for running Facebook ads.

Pexda’s main features are as follows:

  • Reports from Aliexpress
  • Reports on Facebook Ads
  • Reports from Amazon
  • Products that convert well and are currently popular
  • Provides you with new winning products every day
  • Assist you in reaching out to potential customers for your store’s merchandise.
  • Allows you to discover viral products as they emerge on the market.

Pexda, as a product spy tool, delivers much-needed data such as order numbers, selling prices, targeted audiences, shipping fees, Facebook data, ad content, and more. You may also examine which sites have sellers selling the same goods as you so you can learn from them.

If you’re new to dropshipping, this information is quite useful and can assist you in developing not only winning items but also a growth strategy. The pricing options are frequently discounted, so you can sample the product for free (listed below).

Pricing Plans:

  • A $ 1.95 14-day trial is available.
  • STANDARD – $ 14.95 per month (down from $29.95 per month) – Unlimited goods every day, Facebook Ad report, Targeting Suggestions, Report, 3 day delay on new winning products
  • PREMIUM – $ 24.95 per month (reduced from $49.95 per month) – Daily new winning items, Ad Copy – Fresh Videos, Auto Hunt Tool, and 24/7 support (All of STANDARD features)
  • ULTIMATE – $ 99.95 per month (down from $199.95 per month) – Access to exclusive products and all PREMIUM features
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7. Dropshipping Center on AliExpress – Free AliExpress research

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a terrific free tool for researching one of the most popular dropshipping sites. You should absolutely check out the three amazing features: Hot Selling, Search by picture, and Sponsored Products.

You can filter the Hot Selling section by certain niches, shipping destinations, and delivery time to find the most popular dropshipping items. This will undoubtedly uncover some new products to add to your store. On this dashboard, you may also look at the number of orders, sale performance, and sales volume.

You can search for products on AliExpress using images saved on your computer using the Search by image tool. The Sponsored Products section, on the other hand, lists the top dropshipping stores.

If you’re looking to dropship on AliExpress, this is undoubtedly one of the best dropshipping product research tools available.

Pricing Plans:

With simply an account, you can utilize it for free (This can be the account to shop on AliExpress too).

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8. Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is another excellent alternative, with ten different tools available in a single subscription. Every day, they introduce 5 new items and influencers, as well as a finely customized research tool to sift through thousands of online products.

Dropship Spy’s main features are as follows:

  • Every day, 5 new products are added to the inventory
  • A huge aid in improving your sales
  • Provide video advertisements that you may download and use for your own product

There are currently 3,315 items on the platform, 391 influencers, and 58 Facebook audience types to help you in taking your dropshipping business to the next level. 

What I believe the tool lacks is the number of new products. Only 5 products are introduced every day, which is not very many, and in the dropshipping business, things become saturated very quickly.

Pricing Plans:

  • STANDARD – $15 / month – Access to training resources, award-winning goods, Shopify integration, and ready-to-use video advertisements
  • PREMIUM – $18 / month – Includes all standard access, promising products, FB audience builder, influencer search, and product spy.
  • PRO – $ 20 per month – Includes Premium access, Store search, Store spy, Approved influencers, Review downloader, and Product Request.
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9. Ecom Swipes

To be honest, Ecom Swipes is not a really ad spy tool. It’s more of a compilation of different strategies you can apply on your eCommerce store to increase AOV and conversion rates.

An example would be this tip from Ecom Swipes:

Adding a simple message to display how much a customer should spend to get free shipping has been known to help increase the average order value (AOV).

Ecom Swipes analyzes and breaks down various tactics behind winning eCommerce dropshipping products and commercials. Applying them to your specific use case will allow you to build a lot more profitable and long-term dropshipping business.

Pricing Plans:

Pricing is entirely free.

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10. AliShark

AliShark is the final product I’d like to mention in this article. It was created by the same people who created the popular countdown timer Shopify app Hurrify. The tool will smoothly integrate with Shopify and can accomplish the following:

  • Live Results: New goods are updated hourly to keep you ahead of the competition and discover hidden gems as rising products.
  • Product feeds include video, pricing, reviews, epacket, dropshipping capability, amount of orders, sales, top countries with strong demand, top dropshippers, sales history, shopify sites, and other online stores.
  • Product search: There are numerous filters available to help you find your preferred products in the appropriate areas, and you may save products for later consideration.

Pricing Plans:

  • $1 for a two-day trial
  • $20 per month – Unlimited searches, access to all data, product saving, and daily product additions
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That concludes our list of the top ten dropshipping product research tools for finding winning products for your store. They all have advantages and disadvantages, as well as varying price ranges, so it is now up to you to try the tools and see which one you like.

The top players in dropshipping uses a few spy tools to test out a huge range of products. If you want to see results faster, you should subscribe to a few tools to find all the top viral products trending in social media.

What are your thoughts? Have you discovered your favorite tool, or are there any others that I haven’t mentioned? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. And, as always, best wishes on your eCommerce adventure!


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