how to start dropshipping with no money

How to Start Dropshipping Today With No Money

Is it possible to start dropshipping with no money? It is absolutely possible, but it may be a long and slow road. However, I will show you 5 steps on how you can start dropshipping today with no money or on a tight budget.

Step 1: Find 3-5 good products on Aliexpress daily

Start by finding good products on Aliexpress. Look for unique products with more than 500 sales that help solve problems or look awesome.

An example will be this magnetic screen door to keep flies and mosquitoes out during the summer. It solves the problem of mosquito bites during summer and it is a very unique product. It has a whopping 600+ reviews and 2000+ orders. This product is proven to work. You just have to go promote it.

dropshipping magnetic door net

The next product I’m going to share is an awesome t-shirt targeting cat and book loves. It has 800+ sales and is a unique design that will easily get likes and comments on social media platforms. Click here to get this product on Aliexpress.

cat book lover tshirt

Step 2: Post on Instagram and Pinterest

Create an Instagram account and Pinterest account. Add 2-3 nice photos of your products with lots of relevant hashtags so people can find it. Keep doing this to daily to keep it consistent and grow your social media accounts.

Step 3: Setup your Shopify Store

Create a free trial on Shopify and start building your store with the free themes available on Shopify. Include your store link to your bio in Instagram and Pinterest profile page. Upload the product pictures from Aliexpress to your Shopify store and write good descriptions with relevant keywords so your store can be found on Google.

Step 4: Grow your social media accounts

Start by following people on Instagram and Pinterest so that people will follow you back. This is a great way to get more followers on your social media accounts.

Pin pictures from your Shopify store to your Pinterest daily to get traffic from Pinterest. Grow your social media account consistently and you will see sales come in very soon.

Step 5: SEO your Shopify store

Getting organic free traffic is a great way to generate traffic with no money. Add in relevant keywords and write good descriptions so that Google can show your pages. Learn about SEO and apply SEO techniques when writing your product titles and descriptions.

Once you have some sales, you can invest in Shopify apps, advertising to grow your store rapidly. To end this article, I would like to share with you how an online entrepreneur made $1.2 million with social media.

Watch this case story of how a marketing genuis made $1.2 million with no paid ads using Shopify store


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