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10 Best Online Newsletters Services for Ecommerce

Email newsletters range from small-scale personal messages to big automated campaigns—and so do email newsletter services. No matter where your email marketing operation falls on the spectrum, there are a plethora of email newsletter platforms that make it quick and easy to send professional-looking newsletters to hundreds or thousands of subscribers. We tried dozens of apps, and these are the 10 that stood out.

The Best Newsletter Services

There is no single reigning champion of email newsletter solutions. Eventually, you’ll need to choose the ideal decision for your specific needs based on the following criteria:

  • Features – If you’re new to email marketing, you’ll want something with a straightforward interface and capabilities that are simple to use (like drag-and-drop email design). More powerful features may be required by sophisticated users.
  • Price – It should go without saying, but if you want to see a return on your email marketing efforts, you’ll need to pick a solution that suits your budget.
  • Limits on Subscribers – Many solutions charge based on the size of the database or the number of monthly email blasts. Choose a service that offers plans that can suit the size of your current audience and the rate at which you intend to grow.

Choosing an email newsletter can be difficult due to differences in features, pricing, and availability, especially given the large number of options accessible. Furthermore, mailing technologies range in terms of how much of the client lifecycle they can cover.

Eventually, when selecting an email newsletter tool, you’ll want to make sure it aligns with your company’s goals — which is why we wanted to take the guesswork out of the equation and highlight the best email newsletters available for your company.

1. HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool

best online newsletters services ecommerce hubspot email marketing tool

Visit HubSpot

Pricing: Starts Free

 With the HubSpot Email tool, creating, sending, and analyzing email newsletters has never been easier. HubSpot has a drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to quickly build a polished email newsletter that you can modify to meet your brand’s style without the need for a designer or IT professional.

You may test smart content rules, customization, A/B testing, and advanced reporting to ensure that your email newsletters are optimized for your business. You can also see who is opening each newsletter email and when, what device they are using, the most popular links and documents, and other information. This information can be used to create tests that can boost conversion rates to new heights.

HubSpot’s Email tool is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with HubSpot’s free forms tool to collect email leads and HubSpot’s free CRM to track how effectively your marketing emails are functioning.

You can leverage an email subscriber’s lifecycle stage, list membership, or any other information in their contact records to serve up the most relevant subject lines, content, links, attachments, and calls-to-action automatically, for example.

Best of all, it can adapt to your changing needs.

2. SendInBlue

best online newsletters services sendinblue

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Pricing: Free up to 300 emails per day

You don’t need technical abilities to generate well-designed email newsletters with SendInBlue. Drag-and-drop capabilities, an HTML editor, and a large template library offer you all the tools you need to generate beautiful emails.

With easy builders, you can customize the look of your newsletters, select form fields for your subscription form, and create a variety of opt-in options for your readers. SendInBlue features a powerful automation pipeline that lets you send different emails based on your contacts’ individual activities. SendInBlue, however, lacks a CRM, making it a poor choice for scaling teams.

3. Benchmark

best online newsletters services benchmark

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Pricing: Free up to 250 emails per month

Benchmark allows non-technical marketers to effortlessly build stunning email newsletters using drag-and-drop features. You can also choose from a large number of newsletter templates in the Benchmark template library.

Detailed analytics on how each email campaign performs, A/B split testing to ensure you’re sending the best emails, spam testing tools to ensure your emails get to inboxes, responsive designs and templates, list segmentation tools, and auto-responders are just a few of Benchmark’s most useful features.

4. Moosend

best online newsletters services moosend

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Pricing: Free up to 2,000 subscribers

 Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing newsletter solution that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You can simply create customised email newsletters with interactive components like videos and graphics with Moosend’s email editor. Alternatively, you can get started right away by selecting one of the platform’s ready-made templates from the template collection.

To help you generate leads, the package also includes landing pages and subscription forms. You’ll also get comprehensive reporting and analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

To top it off, the Moosend platform allows you to design or use automated recipes to increase conversion.

5. Stripo

best online newsletters services stripo

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Pricing: Starts free

Stripo is an email template creator that lets you create HTML email templates and then export them to your preferred email newsletter program. If you don’t want to work with HTML, you may use the drag-and-drop editor instead, or even combine the two editing forms, depending on your preferences. Stripo gives you interactive components (such rollover effects on buttons and images) as well as incorporated dynamic content and customisation tools.

Stripo also has over 350 pre-built templates to choose from, as well as over 100,000 free stock pictures and 1,000 pre-built modules to use in your campaigns.


best online newsletters services sender

Visit Sender

Pricing: Free up to 15000 emails per month is an email marketing automation tool that can be set up without any technical knowledge. For more sophisticated users, the platform includes an intuitive drag-and-drop editor as well as a simple yet powerful HTML editor.

Sender also provides a number of tools that are designed to automate or simplify the process of managing subscribers. New subscribers can be quickly collected by utilizing the platform’s embedded forms and pop-ups. Furthermore, unlike many other email marketing platforms, Sender only counts unique submissions toward the total subscriber count.

7. Mailjet

best online newsletters services mailjet

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Pricing: Free up to 6,000 email sends per month

 Mailjet provides email solutions for fast-paced teams as well as significant scalability for larger businesses. With a strong API solution for engineers to build on their email platform, the service is keen on being developer-friendly. The ability to create dynamic content that is customised for each recipient is one of Mailjet’s most appealing features.

If your company requires that email newsletters be created collaboratively and reviewed frequently before being sent, Mailjet’s collaboration capabilities make it simple for teams to collaborate on emails. For example, in Mailjet, you can generate a draft of your newsletter and have your colleagues propose revisions before it’s sent out — all from within the app.

8. GetResponse

best online newsletters services getresponse

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Pricing: Starts at $15 per month

GetResponse has a range of features that become available when you require them, from basic tools to business features like webinars and landing sites. You may capture email subscribers for your newsletter by hosting landing pages on GetResponse.

With GetResponse’s drag-and-drop email editor, segment contacts tool, campaigns maker, and A/B testing tool, you can produce well-designed email newsletters. You can construct an email that matches your brand and send emails more effectively with a large number of themes to select from.

9. MailChimp

best online newsletters services mailchimp

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Pricing: Free up to 2,000 subscribers

MailChimp is a free email marketing solution with a wide number of newsletter layouts to pick from. MailChimp is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to get started with email marketing, but it is not suitable for scaling teams due to a lack of powerful automation and segmentation features.

Regardless, MailChimp is a useful tool, especially since its free plan includes up to 12,000 free email sends every month. You’ll also appreciate MailChimp’s wide range of newsletter templates, as well as the drag-and-drop builder that allows you to tweak the designs.

10. Pabbly Email Marketing

best online newsletters services pabbly

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Pricing: Starts free

Pabbly Email Marketing is a robust mass emailing platform with built-in email templates, auto-follow ups, custom fields, subscription forms, and integrations, all of which are included in the basic plan.

Pabbly allows users to send emails using one of more than 50 SMTP servers. You can divide your email campaign into smaller chunks of subscribers and use separate SMTPs for each segment using the SMTP routing tool. The deliverability of your emails can be improved by sending emails over several SMTPs.

How to Choose the Right Online Newsletter Service

You’ll need online newsletter services if you send similar emails to groups of people on a regular basis. Advanced email marketing software with automatic sending schedules, landing page builders, and personalization tools may not be required. In any case, not yet. You might, however, as your mailing lists and marketing goals expand.

That’s one of the many advantages of the several email newsletter apps available. There are email apps to fit your needs, whether you want to send a curated set of articles weekly to build a following around a topic or need to send thousands of personalized messages for your multinational corporation every day.

You can start small, even with a free email marketing app, and then progress to the advanced email marketing features offered by the top newsletter apps.

Begin with the apps that appear to be the best fit for your current needs. Don’t worry: if you require more functionality, you can simply switch to another app—or use your original, simple mailing tool with a more powerful marketing automation platform if necessary.

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