9 Effective Holiday Email Marketing Tips for eCommerce

Businesses can drastically increase revenue by using holiday email marketing. It’s no secret that the holiday shopping season is extremely profitable for both online and offline retailers. The holiday season accounts for 20-30% of many retailers’ annual revenue.

Due to its high return on investment, email is a popular choice for holiday marketing initiatives. With so much relying on a single shopping season, it’s more crucial than ever to consider how your email campaigns can stand out among the sea of holiday marketing.

This article offers some helpful hints and suggestions for staying ahead of the competition this holiday season.

Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Tips

Let’s take a look at some holiday campaign techniques and approaches that you can use this season:

1. Celebrate Your Loyal Customers

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Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. As a result, you should devote a substantial percentage of your Christmas marketing efforts to them.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Providing special discounts
  • Greetings for the holidays with a personal touch
  • Analyze data and tailor your communications to your clients’ demographics using analytics.
  • Abandoned cart emails might help you recoup lost sales

Lead segmentation is essential for conveying the correct message to the right people. Speak to each group separately so that you can give them exactly what they want for the holidays. Lists can be segmented in a variety of ways, including:

  • Previously purchased items
  • Interests
  • Frequently viewed content
  • Abandoned cart

2. Deliver Content-Driven Marketing Campaigns

People are accustomed to receiving newsletters that highlight specials and discounts over the Christmas season. They are aware, however, that they can discover comparable deals by conducting a simple online search.

You must provide them with something unique so that their eyes do not glaze over when they get your emails. You don’t stand out from the crowd if you utilize the same marketing strategies as everyone else.

Innovative brands are approaching holiday marketing from a content-first perspective. Send out a last-minute gift guide to everyone on your audience’s list to personalize the purchasing experience. Provide a shopping assistant to aid customers in selecting the best products.

3. Simplify Your Communication

It’s easy to become overburdened by holiday marketing. You may feel compelled to promote all of your items or services at once. You have a lot to say to your customers.

You don’t want to induce decision fatigue, though. Each communication should promote a single concept and have a single call to action. Make sure to mention the advantages of purchasing what you have to offer.

Play on the emotions of your target market. This is what will lead them back to you and influence their buying decisions.

4. Make Friends With Influencers

effective holiday email marketing tips ecommerce influencer

Using influencers to spread your message might help you take your social media marketing plan to the next level. People are drawn to social proof. When people see that someone else likes what you have to offer, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Working with influencers is an excellent approach to get your name out there rapidly. Influencers, on the other hand, are just as busy as you are over the holidays. Make sure you find partners who are extremely relevant to your business and that the collaboration is mutually beneficial.

Make it simple for influencers to join your team. Create branding guidelines and marketing materials that include everything an affiliate needs to get started. This will aid in the smooth implementation of the campaign and ensuring that it is consistent with your brand’s messaging.

5. Organize a Holiday Contest

Everyone appreciates getting anything for free during the Christmas season when they are spending money. Holiday-themed social contests are a great way to create relationships and get your customers excited. They also use collaborative marketing to their benefit.

You can broaden your circle by combining the products or services you’re giving away with those of another company. To get the most out of this strategy, partner with firms that have a similar target demographic as you.

This method aids in the development of your list and the acquisition of leads. Then you may reach out to those followers and convert them using your other last-minute Christmas marketing strategies.

6. Offer Attractive Incentives

Many businesses strive to generate a false sense of urgency around the holidays. Consumers are aware of the holiday schedule. You’re not needed to add to the stress.

Offer rewards to your target audience that are worthwhile. This usually entails offering a fantastic price. Setting a precise deadline for your offer can help to create a sense of urgency. If you rarely run sales or never sell a specific product at rock-bottom pricing outside of the holiday season, it’s intriguing.

However, you must be cautious not to undervalue your brand. Customers may not purchase from you if they perceive you are too inexpensive. Create a relationship with Christmas shoppers that demonstrates your worth.

Maybe you can give last-minute shopping offers to customers who waited until the last minute to shop. During the holidays, sending out schedules and reminders might assist folks understand that you’re watching out for their best interests.

7. Promote Digital Gift Cards

When it’s too late to go shopping or have something shipped to your house, you still have one great gift choice. Digital gift cards are inexpensive and instantly available.

More than 80% of internet shops sell digital gift cards. Approximately half of the consumers are interested in getting and saving gift cards on their mobile devices. Furthermore, during the holidays, the average shopper buys at least two gift cards.

Promote your digital gift cards aggressively near the end of the season. People are more likely to open their wallets for you if they don’t have to leave their couch to buy from you on Christmas Eve.

8. Enhance the Mobile Experience

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018, mobile payment volumes set new highs. The week before Christmas also saw a spike in mobile sales.

Ensure your readiness by optimizing your website for mobile devices. You should provide a streamlined experience with simple menus, quick page loads, and high-quality product descriptions and photographs. Furthermore, the checkout process should be simple. Examine what your competitors are doing and ensure that your mobile site outperforms them.

9. Build Your List for Next Year

effective holiday email marketing tips ecommerce email list

We understand how exhausting it might be to strive to maximize sales right now. However, don’t be too focused on sales that you overlook other components of your email marketing.

During the holiday season, for example, maintain increasing your eCommerce email list. Email subscribers who join your list this year may become new clients the next year. And, if your welcome emails are well-designed, you might even close a few purchases with folks who have just joined your list.

You should also ensure that your email campaign isn’t so aggressive that consumers unsubscribe. Not only are you not generating those sales this year, but you are also losing prospective revenue in the future.

Successful eCommerce Christmas email marketing creates the groundwork for a year after year growth.

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