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Finding Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Ecommerce Store

Finding certified dropshipping suppliers can be challenging, and searching the internet for “dropshipper” without coming across hundreds of scammers and middlemen is nearly impossible.

The majority of the results you’ll see online are organizations claiming to be dropshippers, but their quality and pricing are far worse to what you’ll find dealing with legitimate dropshippers. When looking for a drop-ship company, patience is essential.

Setup and monthly fees are not charged by certified dropshippers. So, if you come across a company claiming to be a “dropshipper” or having drop ship websites and they ask for a setup cost, monthly fee, or annual price, that’s an immediate red flag.

Dropshipping can be perplexing, especially when dealing with con artists, therefore here is a list of suggestions for locating a wholesale distributor.

Do a lot of Research

finding dropshipping suppliers ecommerce store research

Research which drop shipping providers are available and which ones best fit your demands once you’ve decided on the products you’d like to sell. Depending on whether you’re dropshipping beyond the US or catering to local customers, you may need to pick between a domestic and an international provider. You’ll need to look into raw material sourcing, delivery timelines, and service potential while choosing suppliers.

Find Suppliers

Form a relationship with the dropshipping supplier who best suits your needs. You can ask them questions regarding the service they provide by speaking with them. They may even supply you with contact information for some of their current clients so that you can acquire first-hand experience working with them before making a commitment.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your dropshipping suppliers from the beginning ensures that you will have trust when you begin doing business together. It will be easier to get questions answered promptly and disagreements handled swiftly as a result of this. You’re on the same team, after all.

Check Which Tech The Supplier Uses

Despite the fact that many dropshipping suppliers have antiquated websites, many good suppliers invest in technology to help expedite client operations. Online merchants benefit from features such as searchable order history, customized data feeds, and a comprehensive product catalog. Some vendors have systems in place that allow you to place orders by email. This may appear to be a tiny benefit, but it is actually a convenience for store owners – you won’t have to phone in every order or manually enter it on the supplier’s website. Simply send an email.

Request for Some Samples

Order samples from your top two or three suppliers once you’ve decided who you want to do business with. Test their service quality, shipping times, packaging, and any other supplier-related questions you may have so that you are completely satisfied with your decision. Ordering product samples from a dropship supplier is an important aspect of the supplier selection process since it allows you to see firsthand how your customers will interact with your business.

Buy from the Competitors

If one of your competitors uses the same supplier as you, you can learn how the supplier packages their products and provides services such as custom labeling. If your opponent uses other suppliers, you can order from them to get a sense of the quality of service you need to deliver to compete.

Find the Right Supplier for Your Ecommerce Store

When it comes to choosing suppliers, many of them may appear to be fantastic when you look at their ratings and the products they offer, but if you dig deeper into the business, they may not be right for your target market. This could be due to the raw materials they utilize, their business practices, or how they handle returns. Before you agree to work with a supplier, make sure you chat to them and learn about their business practices. Although you have the option of discontinuing using a provider if problems develop, the damage may already have been done and your brand may have been harmed.

How to Spot Fake Dropshipping Suppliers

finding dropshipping suppliers ecommerce store unsatisfied customer

As previously stated, some retailers pose as wholesale dropshipping suppliers but do not offer wholesale prices. Here are some red flags to look for while spotting these men.

1. They market to the general public.

True wholesale suppliers almost never sell directly to the public. In fact, they typically have an application process to ensure that they are working with real businesses.

2. They levy monthly fees.

Supplier directories may collect recurring fees, but your suppliers should not. This is a dead giveaway that you’re not working with a legitimate wholesale supplier.

3. They do not charge a fee for pre-orders.

Most vendors charge a pre-order fee of a few dollars to facilitate dropshipping. This covers the expense of individually picking and packing things rather than in bulk.

4. There are no minimum order sizes.

When negotiating with wholesale vendors, minimum order sizes are very frequent. They may, for example, charge a minimum of 100 units or $100 up front and then fill orders as they come in. Make sure to talk about it with possible suppliers.

5. There is no address displayed.

When viewing any business website, this should raise red flags, and suppliers are no exception.

6. Lack of knowledge

finding dropshipping suppliers ecommerce store lack of knowledge

Suppliers who lack knowledge should be avoided, whether they are operating a scam or simply do not understand your industry.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not a provider is reliable, perform the following additional checks:

  • See if they’re listed in a reputable supplier directory.
  • Look up scams and complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
  • Check with product manufacturers to see if they operate with this vendor.
  • Search for the supplier’s name or address, as well as terms like ‘fraud’ or ‘scam.’

Wrapping Up

Finding the best supplier for your dropshipping products can be an overwhelming task if you are just starting your dropshipping business or if you are already a full-fledged online store trying out a new dropshipping product. You can find the right manufacturer or supplier in a variety of methods, including looking within your own country or sourcing from outside. Keep in mind that no matter the technique of sourcing you use, there will be benefits and drawbacks. Look for suppliers or manufacturers with whom you can readily negotiate. This way, you can spend more time marketing your dropshipping business and less time dealing with supplier concerns.

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