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12 Reasons to Use Facebook Ads for Your Ecommerce Store

It’s no secret that Facebook is a powerful platform for marketing your ecommerce store. With over 2 billion active users, you can reach a large and engaged audience with your ads. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why Facebook Ads may be a good option for you. We’ll also provide tips on how to create successful Facebook Ads using some of their powerful AI tools to find similar customers automatically for you!

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads is a self-service advertising platform that allows businesses to target specific groups of people based on interests, demographics, and even behaviors. By creating ads that are relevant to your target audience, you can increase the likelihood that they will buy from your e-commerce store.

Facebook ads may appear on the Facebook newsfeed or on Instagram newsfeed. It can also appear in the articles you read on Facebook. Both short videos and images can be used for Facebook ads but video is a more popular choice as it is more engaging and works better for most products that require some sales pitch to sell.

facebook newsfeed ad example

1. Promote Products & Services

If you have been using Facebook ads for a while, you would have noticed Facebook pushing ads and products to you. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have found success selling on Facebook as the ad cost is low and Facebook can reach millions of users globally.

Facebook Ads is one of the simplest online marketing platforms to try and promote your e-commerce stores and scale your store to six figures quickly. Facebook has collected a lot of data about its users and you can tap on this data to reach your potential customers.

2. Target Facebook Users by Interest, Demographics & More

Interest targeting is very important on Facebook. You don’t want Facebook to quickly burn your ad budget by showing it randomly to users who show no interest in your products. Target a very particular segment of Facebook (or Instagram) users with your Facebook ads.

Facebook captures up to 52,000 data points for each user and Facebook and you have a lot of interesting target options. It can help you reach your target demographic quickly and effectively thanks to its various targeting options.

You may target your audience by conversion objective, geography, age, gender, demographics, hobbies, behavior, and language.

Facebook interest targeting

3. Convert Cold Audiences to Customers

Another advantage of Facebook Ads’ wide targeting options is the ability to split your cold and warm consumers.

All people who have never heard of your business, goods, or social media profiles are considered cold audiences.

In the meanwhile, your warm audience is made up of everyone who has seen or heard about your brand, goods, or social media profiles. For example, they may have previously seen one of your Facebook ads!

On average, users needs to see an ad at least seven times before making a purchase. As a result, warm audiences are more likely to make a purchase from your ecommerce business. 

4. Retargeting Users Who Have Not Purchased

Facebook retargeting campaigns will give you the best ROI so it is wise to use Facebook to retarget users who have not purchased. Facebook keeps track of visits, add-to-carts, checkouts, newsletter signups, product views, and purchases on your e-commerce store.

With Facebook retargeting, you can take advantage of all of these information. In Facebook, you can create a custom audience of those who have visited your website for the past 30 days and have not made a purchase. You can retarget this audience with a coupon code and sweeten the deal to get a new order!

5. Get Social Trust on Facebook Page

Consumers are typically skeptical when purchasing online from new e-commerce stores they never heard of. You can remove this barrier by showing social proof of reviews of other satisfied consumers. By encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your Facebook page, you can improve your trust to new Facebook users and get more sales.

To do this, you can setup an automatic email campaign to send out an email to request for reviews after 3 days they have received their deliveries,

facebook reviews

6. Take Advantage of Facebook’s AI Technology to Target Buyers

Facebook has been working on its AI system for Facebook Ads for years. Their AI system is very smart and able to forecast users’ habits and predict their activities. 

By choosing the ad objectives in Facebook, Facebook AI system will find users who are more likely to complete the objectives you specified. By selecting conversion objectives (Purchase event) for your e-commerce campaigns, you can let Facebook to send you users who are more likely to purchase instead of users who will just like and comment on your Facebook ad.

7. Find Similar Audiences on Facebook

Once you have a certain amount of visitors or purchasers on your website, Facebook can help you look for similar audiences using their AI technology. This powerful tool is Lookalike Audiences and you will need to provide a sizeable sample audience to make it do the magic.

For example, if you provide Facebook with an audience of customers who have purchased from your e-commerce store, Facebook will create a new audience for you to target with people who ‘look like’ your customers.

By creating a new campaign with this Lookalike Audiences you have created, you can reach out to millions of new users and target potential users easily without the need of selecting interest targeting on Facebook.

facebook lookalike audiences

8. Ad Variations Optimizations

Split testing multiple versions of ad copies and images just got easier with Facebook. It will help you determine the best ad copy and image to help you drive down your cost per click on Facebook to reduce your ad cost. You can experiment with post ads, carousel ads and collection ads to get attention.

You may add variations for all of your ads in the “Ad Creative” section when creating your ad.

Facebook will try all possible combinations of settings at the start of your campaign and eventually optimize towards the best-performing combinations by looking at the CTR, clicks and event conversions.

facebook ad format

9. Monitor Campaign’s Performances

Facebook Ads Manager dashboard helps you manage your campaign’s performances and understand which metrics are working for your products. By analyzing the data, you can determine which age group and interests are working for your product and target more of these demographics to generate more revenue.

Stats available on Facebook Dashboard:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Platforms
  • Devices
  • Cost Per Click
  • Impressions
  • Rate of Click-Through
  • Per-Click Pricing
  • Per 1000 Impressions Cost
  • Per Purchase Cost
  • And more!

facebook dashboard

10. Self-service Ad Platform with Rules to Auto Optimize Campaigns

Facebook self-service ad platform allows you to have full control of you ad budget. You won’t have to worry about squandering ad cash if a Facebook ad doesn’t perform as intended. You may pause and resume ads on Facebook at any point in time!

You can also set Rules on Facebook to help you auto-optimize your campaigns. For example, you can set a rule for campaigns that you spent $30 with no purchases to turn off automatically, this will prevent Facebook from further spending your ad budgets on campaigns that are not performing!

11. Scale Your Campaigns Quickly

Facebook allows you to scale your campaigns quickly due to its huge number of users. If a campaign is profitable for you at $50 daily ad spent, you can duplicate the campaign at $500 daily ad spend and get generate more sales quickly. By doing this, you can reach more than $1,000 in daily sales just by running Facebook ads.

12. Target Users on Instagram

By running Facebook ad campaigns, you can also target users on Instagram. Instagram users are younger and lean towards female. They are very active on social media and enjoy lifestyle products. Some type of products that sells well on Instagram includes beauty products, gadgets, fitness, clothing, jewelry and pet products.

How can you get started with Facebook ads?

Creating a Facebook ad account is pretty straightforward if you already have a Facebook account. Simply go to to create a business account to start advertising.

  1. Make a new ad campaign
  2. Select a campaign goal
  3. Set up your campaign parameters
  4. Choose a conversion event and give your ad set a name
  5. Create a daily ad budget
  6. Choose your audience.
  7. Choose the locations
  8. Carry on with the ad creation
  9. Make your advertisement under the ‘Ad Creative’ area
  10. Place your ad online
  11. Add your credit card

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