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12 Reasons Why You Need Google Ads For Your Ecommerce Store

The number one reason why you need Google ads for your e-commerce store is because of the massive traffic it can send to your e-commerce store. If you are still not using Google Ads for your store, you are missing out a lot of revenue. In this article, we will show you 12 good reasons to use Google Ads. We will also show you a powerful free research tool from Google that you can use to uncover potential buying keywords you never thought of! So let’s get started.

1. Multiple Targeting Options to Target Buying Customers

Google Ads come with multiple targeting options to help you target the right audiences so you don’t waste your budget on targeting users that shows no interest in your products and services. You can start by using topics, placements and content keywords and optimize your campaigns to make a good margin.

Topics: Use Topics targeting in Google ads to make your ads appear on certain pages of a topic you specified. If you sell furniture, you may target related topics like Home Furnishings and Home Improvement in Google ads to target the right audiences.

google ads targeting

Placement: Use Placement to target websites that your customers visit. You can search for relevant websites and check the number of impressions before you run your ads on it.

google ads targeting

Content Keywords: Use Content Keywords to target customers searching for certain keywords. Use certain keywords to target users who are looking for specific items. If you sell rattan chair, you can target the keywords like “rattan chair” instead of the generic keyword “chair” to get the best return on your ad spend.

Google can help you track each point of the buyer’s journey. If they do not convert after going to your website, you can use retargeting option in Google to keep shows ads to them and make them come back to your store to purchase your products.

2. You Can Target Users with Buying Intent

google ads targetinggoogle ads PPC ads search

Target users with search and buying intent on Google ads. When a user searches for keywords like “gaming chairs”, “cheap gaming chairs”, “where to buy gaming chair” we know the user is in the research process and intends to buy a gaming chair. This is the best time to reach them by showing relevant gaming chair ads and entice them to buy.

Unlike social media platforms, ads are shown when they have no intent to buy a certain product and it is much harder to covert these cold audiences to become a customer.

3. Google’s Enormous Reach

Google is the go-to search engine for questions and information. Google has more than 90% of the global search engine market. There are more than 246 million unique Google users in the US. With this amount of enormous reach, you will be able to reach out to a sizeable number of users for any kind of products and services you sell.

4. Flexible Budget

Google is flexible in ad budget and you can allocate a daily maximum ad budget so that you don’t overspend. You don’t have to sign up for monthly contracts or monthly retainers. You can stop your campaign any time you want. If the ad is underperforming, you can pause your campaign immediately so you don’t waste your money.

In Google Ads, you can set maximum bids and let it optimize the campaign for you. If the bid doesn’t bring you traffic, you can increase your bid to win more traffic. When an ad is working really well, you can increase your budget to bring in more potential customers to increase your revenue.

5. Powerful Tools to Analyze Data and Campaign

Google Ads keep track of the keywords user searches before they click on your website.  It also keep track of the bids, demographics of the user, time of purchase, devices they are using, income group and affinity. By analyzing all these data and optimizing them, you can make your campaign from losses to gains and bid higher on keywords and demographics that bring you sales.

If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you won’t know how to improve. Fortunately, Google simplifies and simplifies everything.

6. Various Bidding Strategies to Maximize ROI

Google has different bid strategies to streamline your campaign goals.

If you want to send traffic to your website or looking for new leads, you can use their cost-per-click (CPC) bidding strategy. If you are a brand and you want to increase brand awareness, you can use cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) to show your ads to your customers.

Picking the right bidding strategy can help reduce your cost per click and bring in more revenue.

7. Google Ads Rewards Advertisers With Good Landing Pages

Google Ads keep track of user experiences once they send they user to your landing pages. It automatically assign a Quality score to your ad.

Google Quality Score determines your ad positions and your ad cost. It estimates the relevance of your keywords, ads and URLs. With a high Quality score, you get better ad positions and lower CPC cost.

By improving your keywords and landing pages over the time, you will get reward with more traffic and lower costs.

8. Increase Brand Awareness

Reinforce your brand and products to users by reaching them out on different platforms. By using PPC ads, display ads and Youtube ads, you can increase brand awareness for your new business on different websites and devices. The more people see your brand, the deeper impressions they will have on your products and this helps to build more trust with your users. Trust is ultimately what will gain you sales and devoted consumers.

Google ads can help put your ads on established websites like The New York Times to associate your brand with an established brand to build trust. This can help you piggyback on the user’s trust of established websites.

9. Video Ads

Video ads are shown on YouTube and they engage users more than display ads. Users are interrupted with your video ads and it can help to build your brand. Google Ads offer some targeting options like demographic targeting, customer match and interest targeting to help you engage the right audiences.  If you are trying to promote your new fishing rod brand, you can show your video ad and target fishing fans when they are watching fishing videos on YouTube. This helps to promote your brand to the right audiences.

10. Shopping Ads

google shopping ads

Google Shopping ads is one of the most popular platforms that advertisers use for e-commerce due to its lower ad cost and higher returns. Your shopping ads will appear on the Shopping page of Google. The images you use on shopping ads and the price tag can help to capture user’s attention quickly and drive them to your e-commerce store.

We strongly suggest to use Google Shopping Ads for your first campaign.

11. Google Keyword Tool

Google Ads comes with a free Keyword Planner tool and this is the best tool for Google ads. It helps you discover new keywords you can target and shows the monthly search volume, search trends, bids and competition level.

Search for you main keyword in Keyword Planner and it will show you all the hidden data they have collected which you can use to your advantage to beat your online compeitors.

It is simply the best tool you need to succeed in Google ads!

google ads keyword tool

12. High-Quality Traffic

Google Ads send high-quality traffic to your landing pages with buying intend when you target the right keywords. This can help you increase sales for your e-commerce store and bring in leads for your services. Google has anti-bot detection technology to block our fake traffic so you get real customers.


Google Ads is a great platform that you can use to market your business, help sell items or services, generate awareness, and drive traffic to your website. You pick where your ad appears, establish a budget that’s comfortable for you, and optimize your campaign to generate more revenue.

When you sign up as a new customer, Google gives you ad credits to spend to test out their ad platform.

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